Blue Cable has earned an excellent reputation by providing its customers with a complete menu of support services required to build and maintain modern telecommunications systems. We provide broadband access solutions for services including video, voice, and data communications.

Along with our many years of designing and installing broadband infrastructure equipment and transmission network systems, we are a full-service General Contractor serving Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. Our general construction services include building and maintaining critical infrastructure for telecommunication Headends or Hubs.

Blue Cable has acquired vast experience in the broadband transport arena by integrating diverse sets of telecommunication technologies to bring true end-to-end product and business solutions to our customers. As an active provider of products and services, our facilities meet all requisite quality standards such as ISO 9002, CENELEC, UL, NCTA, Cable Labs and SCTE.

Blue Cable employees have been with us for many years and are highly trained and skilled. Our broadband integration engineers and technicians have extensive operational expertise and intimate hardware knowledge on products from leader manufacturers. Our professional team understands broadband communications, network design and drafting, and is well-versed in radio frequency networks. The constant focus on performance and the aspiration for excellence put us apart from our competitors and has helped us gain constant work from our clients.

Blue Cable is proud to provide turnkey services. We have the knowledge, resources and time-tested processes to efficiently build, deploy and implement leading-edge products and services to meet the growing demands of our customers. Regardless of the scale of the project, Blue Cable can engineer it, design it, build it and maintain it. What’s more, our major role in the evolution of telecommunications networks gives our customers peace of mind -- they know their services are delivered over a network made possible by a company that is dedicated to their business and their customers.